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Souls Go Visiting


Summarizes a lecture C.W. Leadbeater gave in New York City about the origins of dreams, based on astral travel and/or the mind reviewing days events. Uses the rhetoric of science, claiming it is a science of dreams.


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Rockland County Times, NY, Number 36, 25 June 1904, pg 3




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Souls Go Visiting, Rockland County Times, NY, Number 36, 25 June 1904, pg 3

Souls Go Visiting
Scientific Investigation reveals Source of Dreams.

Results of Interesting Experiments Made by an English Theosophical Student--Some of His Deductions.
The results of years of scientific investigation of dreams was given before a large audience in New York City the other night by Charles Webster Leadbeater, of London, who is visiting in this country under the auspices of the Theosophical society. His conclusions, he says, come from experiments made with he assistance of a number of theosophical students. These are some of his deductions:

That the soul of a true man leaves its body during sleep and may then be more or less conscious according to the degree of its development, and be capable of receiving impressions, moving freely, visiting places at a distance, and conversing with other souls, whose bodies are also asleep.

Though a soul is thus away from its physical body, the latter nevertheless possesses a kind of half consciousness of its own and the physical brain is occupied with a mechanical review of past events either of the day before or of a longer antecedent period.

From those conditions there result two classes of dreams. One includes what may be called true dreams or visions--knowledge of something happening at a distance at the time or a prevision of something which afterward comes to pass. These are recollections of what the soul during its travels really has seen or done. The other or commoner class is a vague recollection of the half conscious vagaries of the physical brain. An ordinary confused dream with its incongruities and impossible positions is a mingling of the two.

The speaker advised the audience to avoid the two extremes of opinion on the subject; neither to accept the dreams with implicit faith, which brings worry or trouble, not to commit the equally foolish mistake of condemning their teaching as nonsense, but to observe carefully and note with precision the vivid, important dreams [??] time decide their worth or truth. In that way he said it will be possible to build up a science of dreams.

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