Youth and Sex

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Youth and Sex


Published letter to the editor in which author comments on a published letter to the editors by Travers Christmas Humphreys with the same title, "Youth and Sex" published in The Theosophist a few month prior. He states that the TS does its members a disservice by not teaching the youth about the proper use of the sexual instincts. "Is the T.S., then, to offer them the bread of its wisdom in a matter so vital and important as that of sex, or is it to freeze them with the stony stare of its offended prudery?"


Bendit, Lawrence J., 1898-


The Theosophist, Vol. XLIV (44), No. 9, June 1923, pg 348


The Theosophical Society (Adyar)




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I AM prompted to write to you, because I feel strongly with Mr. T C
Humphreys, whose letter you published in the March issue of THE
THEOSOPHIST, in the matter of our treatment of sex matters in
the T.S .
. Mr._ Humph_reys' voice i~ certainly not that of a lone prophet
crymg m the wt!derness, but It represents that of the ever-increasing
body of the younger members of the Society.
The T.S. establis~es among ~ts prin_ciples the s~udy of life in all
its aspects, and especially as manifested m the consciOusness of man
Yet we have so far always passed over one of the greatest factors.
both from the biological, psychological and sociological points of view'
It seems a damning fact for _a so~iety which se~s out to be one of
students, that for years the hbranans of a certam large National
Society positively refused to put on their shelves such world-famous
books as those of Freud and J ung. (And yet, inconsistently enough
there was in that very library a well bound and printed copy of th~
Golden Ass of Apuleius !)
One cannot expect to understand the latent powers in man if one
is too sq,Jeamish to look boldly at that which is patent to any who
cares to open his eyes. We cannot hope to comprehend the infinite
complexity of the creative Godhead, if we do not first, in some small
measure at least, know something of the finite powers of our own
personalities. For the creative impulse, in one form or other, is the
principal motive power of our everyday life.
" Transmutation " is certainly a very fine way of changing the
carnal side of this impulse into a spiritual force ; but it is a thing
which has to be learned. And that it is not always successfully
achieved is clear in the indirect expressions of it which meet us
every day.
Moreover, as Mr. Humphreys has pointed out, many, especially
of the younger members join the Society because Theosophy offers a
promise of help in their difficulties. Is the T.S., then, to offer them
the bread of its wisdom in a matter so vital and important as that
of sex, or is it to freeze them with the stony stare of its offended
The Society is a society for students. The mind goes straight to
problems, and impartially considers them. Emotion and sentiment
cloud the horizon and distort values. When they are allowed to
dictate to the mind, science is lost, and all that is left is a slough of
pseudo-intellectual so-called philosophy, which is utterly and entirely
Yours sincerely,
L. J. BENDIT, B.A. (CANTAB.), M.R.C.S .• L.R.C.P.
Note. - We have received a letter on this subject, and to the same
effect as the above, from Mr. Leonard C. Soper.

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Bendit, Lawrence J., 1898-, “Youth and Sex,” John L. Crow's Akashic Archive, accessed September 18, 2019,


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