A Blavatsky Story

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A Blavatsky Story


An account of a "Mr. L–––'s" meeting of Blavatsky and the way she moved him into the inner circle of the Society. He also comments on her smoking.


Oklahoma Historical Society, The Gateway to Oklahoma History, http://gateway.okhistory.org; crediting Oklahoma Historical Society, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


Brown, E. E., editor. Oklahoma Daily Journal (Oklahoma City, Okla.), Vol. 2, No. 227, Ed. 1, pg. 4




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A Blavatsky Story.
How the Smoker of Strong Cigars Was Want to Chorale Members.
Not long ago a man told the New York Evening Sun’s “Woman About Town” how he came to be an “intimate” of the Theosophical Society which was established here in 1875 with Mme. Blavatsky at its head. “I attended a reception at Mme. Blavatsky’s one night,” he said, “as the guest of a member of the society and simply out of curiosity. When I was presented to Mme. Blavatsky she looked at me shrewdly and said: ‘Are you a believer?’ I said: ‘Well, not exactly; I don’t know enough about it; but I’m interested.”
“‘It is well,’ she said, ‘you are a superior man. You will become one of us.’ A few moments after she introduced me to somebody who came along as Mr. L–––, one of the most promising pupils.
“‘But, Mme. Blavatsky,’ I said as he went away, ‘I’m not a pupil.’
“‘Hush!’ Said she, ‘it is a phrase.’
“‘Half an hour later Mme. Blavatsky came up with somebody else to whom she said: ‘I want you to know Mr. L–––, one of our most promising members.”
“‘But, Mme.,’ I said again, ‘I’m not a member.’
“‘Hush!’ She said, ‘it is a phrase. Before the evening was over the Mme. came once more this time with a pretty woman to whom she begged to be allowed to present ‘Mr. L–––, one of our circle of intimates.’ It would be impossible to describe the deep tone of mystery and all with which she said this. I open my mouth, first in amazement, second protest. ‘Hush!’ She whispered, as before, ‘it is a phrase.’
“I went to a few more of her performances after that, always as an intimate. I knew three words of their heathen gibberish, without knowing what they meant. But I could have gone into the innermost circle if I had wanted to walk straight up to Isis—if that’s the right expression—that anymore preparation of knowledge than that. After that I came to know Mme. Blavatsky very well. She was the most magnificent humbug and the best judge of tobacco I ever expect to meet.”

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“A Blavatsky Story,” John L. Crow's Akashic Archive, accessed September 18, 2019, http://archive.johnlcrow.com/items/show/67.


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