Gage Taken in by Mme. Tingley

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Gage Taken in by Mme. Tingley


Newspaper clipping of J.D. Buck speaking negatively about K. Tingley and claims that she hypnotized former Treasury Secretary Lyman J. Gage to join her organization.


Oklahoma Historical Society, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; The Gateway to Oklahoma History,


The Oklahoma Post






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Gage Taken in by Mme. Tingley

Head of Theosophical Society Diagnoses Case of the Aged Convert.

She is a Hypnotist

If She Gets Hold of Him He Will End His Life at Point Loma and Leave His Fortune There.

Cincinnati, Ohio, July 11 [1906]—Dr. J. D. Buck, a leading physician of this city who succeeded the late William Q. Judge as head of the Theosophical Society in American, but is not a follower of Mrs. Katherine Tingley, today said regarding the reported joining of Mrs. Tingley’s colony at Point Loma, Calif., by Former Secretary if the Treasury Lyman J. Gage,

“Having absolute control over every individual at Point Loma, even as to food and clothing, occupation, what they should say or whether they shall talk at all, Mrs. Tingley could easily arrange a reception for any one whom she desired to impress or secure for her movement. The school which she conducts, rehearsing frequently, she being herself a woman of wonderful resources, and a good talker would find little difficulty in impressing a man like Mr. Gage or even one who knew far more of religions and philosophies than he is likely to know, with the magnitude of her work and the beneficence of her designs. Gage is 70 years old, tired of business and the eternal grind for money, he turns to the seductiveness and grandeur of the life she offers. She is a hypnotist of long training and if she gets hold of him he will probably spend the remainder of his life there and leave his fortune there when he dies, without ever finding out the real character of the place. Besides, the place is so guarded that should he wish to leave, he would find it very difficult.”

White, R. A. The Oklahoma Post. (Oklahoma City, Okla.), Vol. 5, No. 33, Ed. 1 Thursday, July 12, 1906. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The Gateway to
Oklahoma History. Accessed December 16, 2013.

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“Gage Taken in by Mme. Tingley,” John L. Crow's Akashic Archive, accessed September 18, 2019,


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