Former Anacondan in Far-off Ceylon Teaching

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Former Anacondan in Far-off Ceylon Teaching


Newspaper clipping about a letter sent to E. P. Mathewson by Hervey Gulick regarding his assistance at Ananda Buddhist college.


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The Anaconda Standard, Anaconda, Montana





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The Anaconda Standard
Date: 03-03-1916
Volume: XXVII; Issue: 181; Page: 5
Location: Anaconda, Montana

Former Anacondan in Far-off Ceylon Teaching
E. P. Mathewson has received a letter from Hervey Gulick, formally of Anaconda, now an instructor in Ananda college at Colombo, Ceylon. The envelope bears a prominent stamp showing that it was passed by the censor Jan 15. The letter acknowledges receipt of Christmas greetings in behalf of himself and his wife and her brother and sister. Mr. Gulick writes further “Of these the third, Fritz Kunz, is the main guy. He came out here about two years ago as the principle of Ananda college, and a few months later sent for me to help Physics, surveying, algebra, and geometry are my subjects just now. Last term I had a class in hygiene, and in about a year will start one in chemistry; am also vice principle. In this island ‘college’ means school. This one is a grade school with a kindergarten at one end and three years of high school at the other. The fourth year will be added in about a year from now.
“Considered as a place to live, we like it much, though it will be a long time before I find anything here that I’ll like better that Gatico Calama, and thereabouts except in the way of swimming, which is much better here.
“There are many graphite mines here in the island. I have not done anything in that way yet, but as there are no mining engineers here, hope to make something on the side during week ends and vacations.”
A prospectus of Ananda college is enclosed. It is the outgrowth on an English school founded in 1886 by C. W. Leadbeater along approved western lines for the higher education of Buddhist boys. IT is essentially Buddhist in spirit, though followers of other religions are not denied admission.

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“Former Anacondan in Far-off Ceylon Teaching,” John L. Crow's Akashic Archive, accessed September 18, 2021,


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