“Psychic Wireless” Radio Topic Tonight

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“Psychic Wireless” Radio Topic Tonight


Newspaper clipping from Nevada State Journal reporting about upcoming radio broadcast by Fritz Kunz to be made made from Reno, Nevada, in which he will discuss telepathic powers.


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Nevada State Journal, Reno, Nevada





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“Psychic Wireless” Radio Topic Tonight
Visitor from India to Deliver Lecture Broadcast from Reno Station
Radio fans as far distant as Portland, Oregon, and equal distances in other directions will have opportunity tonight at 8 o’clock to hear a lecture on “Psychic Wireless,” delivered from Reno by Fritz Kunz, a lecturer on occult subjects, from Adyar, India.
The lecture will be broadcast from the station of H.S. Beedle, in conjunction with the regular tri-weekly concert which he sends from his station, No. 6-ZO, call KFAS.
Mr. Kunz, a graduate from the University of Wisconsin, who has lived eight years at Adyar, world headquarters of the Theosophical Society, with whose activities he is connected, is now on a lecture tour of the United States.
Mr. Beedle welcomed the opportunity of giving his radio friends throughout the west the views of an occultist on the relation between wireless communication and the phenomenon known as telepathy. This relationship will be discussed by the lecturer, who promises to explain that radio and telepathy are really very much alike, the difference being largely in the nature of the media of transmission, there being, he asserts, much finer grades of the so-called ‘ether’ than that which carries the waves of the wireless, and that perhaps on one of these finer grades thought may be registered from mind to mind at any distance.
“I may even assert that a great deal of the common phenomenon known as public opinion is formed in this way,” said MR. Kunz last night.
The subject of Mr. Kunz’ announced public lecture in Reno is “Theosophy and the Cultural Values in Science and Psychology.” T[…] will be distinct from the w[…] which will be of about 20 [minutes in?] length.

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Photocopy of a newspaper clipping. Clipping partially damaged.




““Psychic Wireless” Radio Topic Tonight,” John L. Crow's Akashic Archive, accessed September 18, 2021, http://archive.johnlcrow.com/items/show/28.


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