An Open Letter to Mr. Wadia

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An Open Letter to Mr. Wadia


An essay by J. Krishnamurti and J. Nityananda in reply to a pamphlet published by B.P. Wadia resigning from the Theosophical Society and denouncing Besant and Leadbeater.


J. Nityananda and J. Krishnamurti


From TSA archives, Funz Family Papers, 25.01, Box 1,


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Essay, Open Letter


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Summary: B.P. Wadia resigned from the TS and published a pamphlet as to why. In it he accuses Besant and Leadbeater of fabricating doctrine, being dishonest, and leading the TS away from the direction established by HPB. Krishnamurti and his brother responded in an open letter published as a pamphlet.
Important quotations (some corrected from the PDF OCR)
Point 2 of Wadia, as summarized by JK: "The persistent inference right through your pamphlet that H.P.B. was, is and ever will be the sole, true and infallible source of all theosophical wisdom and that her books are the only true exponents of Theosophy." (4)

The Theosophical Society is disloyal to Theosophy : What exactly do you mean by this 11tatement? From your further remarks the natural inference is that the leaden; of the present day Theosophical thought within the Society,-chief among whom are the President of the Theosophical Society and the Right Reverend Charles W. Leadbeater,-have promulgated teachings contrary to that of H. P. B. Since he holds no official position within the Theosophical Society, Bishop Leadbeater stands within the same category as any of us. Any influence that his teachings may have acquired is owing entirely to that intrinsic value which you so eagerly recognize in the teachings of H. P. B. Your contention then must be that Dr. Besant officially and Bishop Leadbeater unofficially, have led the Theosophical Society away from the teachings of H. P. B., and in one of your statements you almost suggest that this has been done purposely and even with considerable guile. The sentence which we refer to is as follows: "It is necessary to see the chain of events forged; for each event in itself appears innocuous, and in certain instances, even assumes a subtle form of correct Theosophy. When succeeding events in their true import and inner significance are linked up, the disloyalty to the 'original programme', referred to by H. P. B., emerges clear and unmistakable." (4-5)

Nice summary of what JK and JN think theosophy is:
Theosophy, it seems to us, gives, to put it briefly, an explanation of the why and wherefore of the universe so that we may, if we so desire, live in consonance with the laws of evolution and not live in harmful ignorance.

For your one assertion that Dr. Besant and Bishop Leadbeater are incapable of truly expanding and amplifying the doctrine left behind by H . P. B., there will be many thousands who will maintain the contrary, and it would be foolish for any one to declare that they were all either ignorant, intellectually dishonest or that they were merely blind followers. […] they will find, as they have already found, truth in the teachings of all our leaders. You would confine the truth to the one leader, whereas we, with many others, have found truth also among her great successors. (6)

Dr. Besant has worked over thirty years for the moral and political regeneration of your country and ours [India], and her whole life has been consecrated to the service of humanity, yet these are the terms in which you acclaim her sacrifices! (7)

It is so easy to find apt and pertinent citations from books to vindicate one's own theories, especially when the authors themselves are incapable of explaining their true import. (8)

As a friend of ours said, "for my part the tyranny of a book is heavier and more cruel than the tyranny of an individual because it is less elastic and there is no appeal. And directly texts are used to budgeon [sic] an opponent it seems to me that their spiritual inspiration has disappeared." (8)

We have ourselves heard time out of number, in public and in private; both Dr. Besant and Bishop Leadbeater declare that it is their intention to amplify and to expound by independent investigation the teachings first given forth by Madame Blavatsky. We have ourselves heard time out of number, in public and in private meetings, both Dr. Besant and Bishop Leadbeater reiterate, with great emphasis, that the results of their clairvoyant investigations should be examined and weighed and that their teachings should not be accepted blindly, and that those who are willing to follow them should use their own independent judgment in all things concerned. (10)

If a weak brother fails on his path towards the truth, .is that path any the less sacred? (12)

We are indeed sorry that you have allowed yourself to join those whose passion for slander seems stronger than their desire for truth. (12)

None of us are so confident or so wilfully blind that we are not able to see the limitations and defects of our Society, and· we are as enthusiastic in our desire to discover our weaknesses as any merely destructive critic. It seems to us, that in order to be a true and sincere Theosophist, one is bound to welcome all friendly and constructive criticism based on a real sense of brotherhood and a love of the Society. In the past, we ourselves have often indulged in irresponsible and vain criticism, which, though not without some foundation of truth, did not help the object upon which we passed our judgment, nor did it encourage true insight in us. In fact, the main function of this form of criticism is to bolster up our vanity and maintain us in our conceit. Our Society has never lacked criticisms, and we greatly hope that it never will; every Tom, Dick and Harry who considers he has a grievance based either upon some personal hardship or on some other equally puerile cause of distress, immediately thinks that it is his solemn and sacred duty to rush into print, and satisfy his hurt vanity in virulent language. Another noticeable fact is that these traducers have never been known to lack a grand and noble motive for their flow of abuse. […] Though our carping, critical faculties are in no way inferior to yours, we, for our part, would wish to remain faithful to this condemned Society, though many have deserted her, to join other societies which, no doubt, in their turn will receive their dread disapproval. We sincerely hope, and we wish to emphasize this especially, that the Society will always welcome fair-minded, generous and kindly criticism. But we would like to point out that all genuine and keen desire to accept criticism is blunted and deadened when the denunciation is harsh and vindictive. (12)

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Originally published as a 16 page pamphlet (4 pages folded and saddle stitched.)



J. Nityananda and J. Krishnamurti, “An Open Letter to Mr. Wadia,” John L. Crow's Akashic Archive, accessed September 18, 2021,


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