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Ananda Metteyya-Coming to Teach us 272 Rules of Life-13 Jun 1908.pdf
Extensive newspaper essay describing the Buddhism mission of Ananda Metteyya as well as the conditions in England, his early life, and how he lives as a monk in Burma. Includes pictures of him and his sponsor, Mrs. Hla Oung.

Souls Go Visiting, Rockland County Times, NY, Number 36, 25 June 1904, pg 3.pdf
Summarizes a lecture C.W. Leadbeater gave in New York City about the origins of dreams, based on astral travel and/or the mind reviewing days events. Uses the rhetoric of science, claiming it is a science of dreams.

A. Besant - Note to the Above by the Editor (RE Youth and Sex).pdf
Annie Besant replies to two letters to the editors who criticize the Theosophical Society for not having direct teachings for youth to control their sexuality. She opens saying, "Most Theosophists would probably agree with the modern view that sex…

H. L. S. Wilkinson - Youth and Sex.pdf
A letter to the editors in reply to a letter to the editors sent in by T. Christmas Humphreys. In the original letter Humphreys complains the T.S. does not teach youth about controlling their sexuality. Wilkinson defends the T.S. saying they should…

L. J. Bendit - Youth and Sex.pdf
Published letter to the editor in which author comments on a published letter to the editors by Travers Christmas Humphreys with the same title, "Youth and Sex" published in The Theosophist a few month prior. He states that the TS does its members a…
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