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Aleister Crowley: An Inventory of His Collection at the Harry Ransom Center
Finding aid for the HRC Aleister Crowley Collection. Works, magical and poetic, comprise the majority of the Aleister Crowley Collection, which also includes prose, correspondence, and personal papers. Also present are materials relating to several…

Coming To Teach Us 272 Rules of Life
Extensive newspaper essay describing the Buddhism mission of Ananda Metteyya as well as the conditions in England, his early life, and how he lives as a monk in Burma. Includes pictures of him and his sponsor, Mrs. Hla Oung.

Kultivate Karma At Temple Of Psychick Youth
A half-page newspaper article on the Temple Of Psychick Youth published by Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, New York. Gives a basic overview of the group, its origins, and how it evolved. Also includes numerous quotes by Genesis P-Orridge.

To Talk About Theosophy
Newspaper clipping of announcement of Irving S. Coopers position in the Liberal Catholic Church and about his lecture while he is in Kansas City for a national convention.

Theosophical Society Meets
Small newspaper clipping announcing the 4 day conference of the American Section of the TS meeting in Kansas City

Former Anacondan in Far-off Ceylon Teaching
Newspaper clipping about a letter sent to E. P. Mathewson by Hervey Gulick regarding his assistance at Ananda Buddhist college.

Relativity to Aid Theosophy
Newspaper clipping discussing Fritz Kunz lecture about “Theosophy and the Cultural Values in Science and Psychology.” He notes that the theory of relativity might be of value to Theosophy.

Besant Against Gandhi: Theosophical Society Head Aids Britain in India
Newspapers clipping from The Kansas City Times, 09-16-1922, where Fritz Kunz describes Annie Besant's relationship with Indian Home Rule and Gandhi.

Articles by Fritz Kunz
Articles by Fritz Kunz coded as transcript, typescript, or manuscript available, published article as clipping, photocopy, or pamphlet, or notes, drafts, and background materials. If published the list includes the location of the published version.

Alphabetical Listing of Fritz Kunz Lectures
Alphabetical Listing of Fritz Kunz Lectures with the year and storage box location.

Highlights of Kunz Family Correspondence
This document follows the sequence of the family correspondence folders, so it is arranged by year, and chronologically within year. For each year folder there is a summary of the types of correspondence that took place in that year – the major…

Kunz Family Collection Audio Tapes
Catalog listing of Kunz Family audio collection.

Fritz Kunz Lectures in Box-Folder Sequence
Alphabetical list of lectures given by Fritz Kunz that are in the Kunz Family Collection at the TSA, Wheaton organized by the boxes they are in.

Description of the Kunz Family Collection located at the Theosophical Society Archive in Wheaton, IL
Description of the Collection. Most of the materials in this collection relate to the life of Fritz Kunz; they were collected and preserved by his sisters Alma and Minna; by Fritz himself; and by his son John. Small portions of the collection reflect…

“Psychic Wireless” Lecture is Delivered by Actual Wireless: Fritz Kunz, Theosophist, Sends Message to Radio Fans from Reno Station<br /><br />
Nevada State Journal essay describing the content of Fritz Kunz's lecture on "psychic wireless" which he claims will eventually develop in the minds of all humanity. This was broadcast on a Reno, Nevada radio station on September 11, 1922.

Dead Can Be Seen With New Senses Says Fritz Kunz: Declares Faculties Developing Which Will Make Individuals Responsive to Pressure of Spirits<br /><br />
Newspaper clipping detailing the lecture Kunz gave about "Psychic Senses and Spirituality" in Omaha, Nebraska, September 23, 1922.

“Psychic Wireless” Radio Topic Tonight
Newspaper clipping from Nevada State Journal reporting about upcoming radio broadcast by Fritz Kunz to be made made from Reno, Nevada, in which he will discuss telepathic powers.

Talk on Theosophy both Applauded and Hissed
Newspaper clipping that describes reactions to lectures given by Fritz Kunz on 12 September 1922 at Byington Hall, Reno Nevada.

Theosophy and Religion: Announcing Two Public Lectures<br /><br />
Advertisement for two lectures. One by Fritz Kunz and the other by Irving S. Cooper in September, 1922, in Kansas City, Missouri

Psychic “Radio” Future is Told
Newspaper clipping from a San Francisco newspaper reporting about radio broadcast Fritz Kunz made from Reno, Nevada, in which he claimed that all humans will eventually develop telepathic powers.

Lecturer Expounds ‘Psychic Wireless’
Newspaper clipping from Oklahoma City Times reporting about radio broadcast Fritz Kunz made from Reno, Nevada, in which he claimed that all humans will eventually develop telepathic powers.

Theosophist to Speak at Meetings in Reno
Newspaper clipping describing the details of a lecture Kunz gave in Reno, Nevada and an announcement of an upcoming lecture.

India is Lecture Topic of Visitor from Adyar
Newspaper clipping, Nevada State Journal, Tuesday, September 5, 1922.

Announcements of Fritz Kunz lecture: “Theosophy and the Cultural Values in Science and Psychology”
Announcements of F. Kunz lecture at Byington Hall,, Reno, Nevada. Newspaper clipping, newspaper unknown, dated 9 September 1922

American Buddhist To Give Address
Announcement of a lecture to be given by Fritz Kunz to the Northern Federation of the Theosophical Society. Date uncertain, but the lecture was probably in the San Francisco, circa 1922. Newspaper clipping, n.d. or origin. Guessing San Francisco.


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