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To Materialize Thought, Annie Besant, the Theosophist, Asserts That It Will Soon Be Done
Newspaper clipping describing a lecture Besant gave in Chickering Hall, NY, on Nov. 29, 1891 in which she discusses the three natures of mankind and the materialization of thought through hypnotism.

New Messiah Rising, Theosophists Say
Newspaper article from the New York Times describing the beginning of the annual convention in Chicago. It focuses on questions regarding the coming Christ and who it would be. It also talks about the coming sub-race of the 5th root-race and how it…

Christ Coming Soon, Says Mrs. Besant
New York Times article describing a talk given by Annie Besant where she answered questions about Theosophical doctrine including a discussion on the coming Christ, the potential gender of the Christ, and aspects of root races.

Theosophical Convention.
A newspaper clipping describing the 1895 Theosophical Society, American Section, conference in Boston where they voted to suss

J. D. Rockefeller to be an angel
Newspaper clipping in which Annie Besant says that although J.D. Rockefeller has been evil and exploitative in his life, he nevertheless has a sound mine and after death his mind will realize the errors of his way and he will abandon all his evil and…

Excerpt from "The Bookshelf"
A brief note of L.W. Rodgers denouncing the biography of Annie Besant, Passionate Pilgrim a Life of Annie Besant by Gertrude Marvin Williams, because it engages the Leadbeater sex scandal. Excerpted from a section of the newspaper entitled, "The…

Troubles of Theosophy
Newspaper clipping describing the end of the 1894 convention, describing the potential conflict between Judge and the "Hindoo theosophists."

Waited Centuries
Detailed description of unique Theosophical wedding ceremony performed in the TS headquarters in New York. Ceremony conducted by Katherine Tingley, although she is not named. Groom and bride are Claude Falls Wright and Mary Leonard or Boston. Wright…

Souls Go Visiting
Summarizes a lecture C.W. Leadbeater gave in New York City about the origins of dreams, based on astral travel and/or the mind reviewing days events. Uses the rhetoric of science, claiming it is a science of dreams.

Note to the Above By the Editor
Annie Besant replies to two letters to the editors who criticize the Theosophical Society for not having direct teachings for youth to control their sexuality. She opens saying, "Most Theosophists would probably agree with the modern view that sex…

Youth and Sex
A letter to the editors in reply to a letter to the editors sent in by T. Christmas Humphreys. In the original letter Humphreys complains the T.S. does not teach youth about controlling their sexuality. Wilkinson defends the T.S. saying they should…

Youth and Sex
In a letter to the Editors, T. Christmas Humphreys critiques the TS on failing to teach about sex and the proper control of sexuality to the youth of the Theosophical Society. "If the younger generation, demanding, as is their right, light on these…

Youth and Sex
Published letter to the editor in which author comments on a published letter to the editors by Travers Christmas Humphreys with the same title, "Youth and Sex" published in The Theosophist a few month prior. He states that the TS does its members a…

[Mrs. Annie Besant claims to have established more than 50 branches...]
Brief newspaper clipping announcing that Besant claims to have established over 50 TS branches in the USA during her 1897 tour.

A Blavatsky Story
An account of a "Mr. L–––'s" meeting of Blavatsky and the way she moved him into the inner circle of the Society. He also comments on her smoking.

A Theosophical Wedding
Newspaper clipping describing the wedding of Claude Falls Wright and Mary Katherine Leoline Leonard in Boston.

Personal and Political: Judge Passes
Newspaper clipping announcing the death of W.Q. Judge.

Personal and Political: Theosophists Secede
Brief newspaper clipping announcing the secession of the American section from the International Theosophical Society

Theosophy Judge May Secede
Newspaper clipping announcing the possible secession of the American Section if W.Q. Judge's Mahatma letters are accepted.

Announcement about Theosophical Constitution and Consolidation
Announcement about Theosophical Constitution and Consolidation. Also mentions Lady Caithness.

Essays Divine and Human: Writings from Manuscripts, 1910 – 1950
Essays and other writings of Sri Aurobindo. Included here as he gives numerous critiques of Theosophy and the Theosophical Society.

Theosophy and The Theosophical School
A neutrally written essay describing the history and theology of theosophy and the Theosophical Society. Written by prominent African American author Josephine Silone Yates. Published under one of her pseudonyms, R. K. Potter.

Gage Taken in by Mme. Tingley
Newspaper clipping of J.D. Buck speaking negatively about K. Tingley and claims that she hypnotized former Treasury Secretary Lyman J. Gage to join her organization.

Odd Events of the Year
A brief sentence describing Leadbeater's response to visiting the Chicago stockyards.


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